O cais de Barangaroo - uma proposta de renovação urbana

O actual cais de Barangaroo, anteriormente (até 2006) chamado East Darling Harbour resulta de um audacioso projecto de reabilitaçaão urbana:

International Design CompetitionWinning Proposal
The East Darling Harbour site requires a far-sighted urban project – one that resolves the western edge of the city centre.
The history of the site is marked by substantial and decisive interventions – streets created by cutting through the bedrock, connections made by clear-spanning bridges and overpasses, the manipulation of the edge by the protrusion of finger wharves and the subsequent formalization of a new edge by reclamation and infill. Each generation has reconfigured this place in a bold and forceful manner.
The contemporary intervention should add its own potent and compelling layer to this place. This cannot be achieved by the mere inflation of architecture, by a singular design vision, nor by the re-creation of lost historic elements – it requires a comprehensive understanding and respect for the evolving traditions of the city itself. (ver mais)


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