Help the people of Benfeita

Wildfires Portugal: help the people of Benfeita! from Human Nature Videos on Vimeo.

One of the biggest wildfires in the history of Portugal on October 15th made 45 victims and left hundreds homeless. This year's massive drought combined with thousands of hectares of eucalyptus and pine monocultures formed a highly inflammable cocktail that burned down an area of 400.000 hectares in just one night. This video was made for the people of Benfeita, a valley in Central Portugal where 22 families lost their home and land. Their spirit however remained untouched. They are not thinking of leaving but are more determined and positive then ever to rebuild their homes, restore their lands and reforest the whole area into a green, biodiverse and vibrant community! The good news is that you can help them by supporting one of their many crowdfundings!


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